Cleaning Your Ocarinas: Easy-Peasy Steps

Cleaning your ocarinas is like giving them a spa day; it keeps your tunes sounding sweet and your instrument happy. No worries; it’s a simple process. Here’s the secret:

What You’ll Need

Mild dish soap

Warm water

Soft cloth or a towel

Cleaning rod (optional)

Pipe cleaners or a small brush (optional)

Compressed air (optional)

Cork grease (for ocarinas with cork parts)


After preparing the stuff needed, you can follow the steps.

Take it apart (if you can)

If your ocarina comes apart (like those with multiple pieces), carefully disassemble it. Remove mouthpieces, joints, or any extra parts. This makes cleaning way easier.

Wash with warm water

Start by rinsing your ocarina parts under warm water. Be gentle; you don’t want to go all Hulk on it. Avoid hot water; I’m not a fan of that.

Soak in soapy water

Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap. Dunk your ocarina pieces in there and let them chill for 10–15 minutes. This helps loosen up any dust inside and outside.

Tidy Up Inside

If you’ve got a cleaning rod or pipe cleaner, dip ’em in the soapy water and gently poke them into the windway and holes. Be nice and scrub away any dirt or stuff. But don’t go all Rambo with delicate bits inside.

Wipe the outside

Take a soft cloth or a towel and get it a little wet with the soapy water. Use it to clean the outside of your ocarina, the mouthpiece, the holes, and any fancy designs. Be gentle; don’t scratch the paint!

Rinse Well

After your cleaning party, rinse your ocarina parts really well with warm water. Make sure there’s no soapy business left inside.

Dry It Off

Pat your ocarina dry with a dry, soft cloth or towel. Pay attention to the inside; moisture in there isn’t good for the sound or health of your ocarina. Let it air dry completely before putting it back together (if you took it apart).

Put it back (if you took it apart) and grease the corks

If you have a deconstructed ocarina, carefully reassemble it. Make sure everything fits snugly. If your ocarina has cork parts, rub a smidge of cork grease on them for smooth assembly.

Quick Check

Once it’s dry and put together (if you took it apart), give it a once-over. No residue or wet spots are allowed. Everything should be snug and secure.

Keep It Clean

To keep your ocarina shining, clean it after each jam session, or at least once a month if you’re a frequent player. You can also use compressed air to blow out any hidden moisture or junk.


And there you have it—Ocarina Cleaning 101. Easy, right? Keeping your ocarina fresh and tidy means it’ll keep making beautiful music for a long, long time. Remember, a clean ocarina is a happy ocarina!